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At Tranlin, we not only contribute to the sustainable development of our natural environment, but we also invest in the development of our culture and community. Below are ways we've participated in our community.

We set up a special fund for the development of Shenzhou Spaceship to support China's aerospace industry.

We co-sponsored the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Li Kuchan, a traditional Chinese painter.

We sponsored the repair of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

October 2003
To promote the cultural development of Shandong Province, Tranlin invested 600,000 CNY to make a documentary with the Shandong Research Institute of Culture and History.

We donated 300,000 CNY to sponsor environmental protection activities.

June 2006
We donated 300,000 CNY to sponsor an energy-saving technology and product expo in Shandong Province.

September 2006
We spent 250,000 CNY to hold the first Tranlin Cup Small Dragon Boat Tournament.

Our company co-sponsored the National University Games.

May 2008
Employees at Tranlin donated a total of 715,0000 CNY to Wenchuan after the earthquake struck. Members of the Communist Party of China in Tranlin donated 58,525.2 CNY while the Tranlin Teanhe Pak Co., Ltd. donated food containers worth 100,000 CNY.

We sponsored the 11th national games of the People's Republic of China.

We took part in the 258 Project.

Tranlin donated 100,000 CNY to Youth Business China (YBC) to help young people in Liaocheng City start a business. We also donated 150,000 CNY and 550 sets of unbleached paper products to the 2005 Committee (European and American Students Committee) who were helping orphans suffering from AIDS.

We raised 83,190 CNY in donations as a company.

We donated books to a primary school in Shandong Province as well as money for the school to install heaters.