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Significance of Making Straw Paper

1. Making Full Use of Resources and Promoting Circular Development of Agriculture and Industry
Tranlin has developed ways to use almost every aspect of straw. In addition to papermaking, we also use straw to make organic fertilizer to improve the quality of soil. Our brand of fulvic acid fertilizer is able to retain water and has strong biological properties that will help plants grow well, improving the harvest season while using 20% less of chemical fertilizers.

2. Protecting Forest Resources and Creating Eco-Friendly Products
Pulping excess straw reduces carbon dioxide pollution. One ton of straw will emit 1,310kg of carbon dioxide if discarded without being treated but only 0.4kg of carbon dioxide when used for pulping. To produce one ton of straw pulp in place of wood pulp saves 4m2 of wood, which amounts to 0.7mu (about 466m2) of natural forests and 2mu (about 1,333m2) of manmade forests annually. Because we don't bleach our products, our paper is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

3. Leading Green Consumerism
Our paper products made from straw are environmentally friendly and non-toxic because they don't contain any bleaching agents. Unbleached paper is also easier on the eyes than bleached paper, and our natural tissue paper, food wrapping paper and tableware are safer and greener than plastic products.