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Circular Economy Production Chains

Tranlin's main focus is clean and recycled products. Our circular economy industrial chains are composed of the following three parts:
1. Production chain for printing paper, tissue paper, food wrapping paper and paper tableware
2. Production chain for fulvic acid organic fertilizer
3. Processing chain for reusing reclaimed water and ammonium sulfite generated in ammonium desulfurization of waste gases

I. Circular Economy Production Chains

(1) The Main Chain-Straw Pulping and Papermaking

In this chain, we use fiber materials in wheat and corn straw to make unbleached pulp and then manufacture unbleached natural paper from the pulp, which are distributed and sold all over the world.

(2) The Secondary Chain 1-Pulping Black Liquor Treatment and Recycling

Pulping black liquor will be treated through evaporative concentration and spraying granulation to produce organic fertilizer for field crops. The mud produced in the wastewater treatment process contains organic matter which can be used in fertilizers. Straw clippings or wood scraps serve as the biological matrix.

(3) The Secondary Chain 2-Wastewater Treatment and Recycling
Physicochemical pretreated wastewater will also go through biochemical aeration treatment in the secondary sedimentation tank and stabilization pond. After that, the reclaimed water can be reused for production and agricultural irrigation.

The above three chains have created our high-tech circular economy development pattern. (Attachment: Diagram of Tranlin Straw Pulping and Paper Making Circular Economy Development Pattern)

II. "One Thousand Tons Points" Straw Collection and Storage Pattern

Tranlin has established multiple straw collection points around China, using automatic machinery for straw collection to guarantee the supply of raw material and lower production costs.

1. We set up straw purchasing cooperative agencies with independent businesses in places where straw resources are plentiful. Some of these agencies we directly invest in while others use a loan backed by Tranlin.
2. Our company developed automatic straw pick-up balers to make sure straw is collected on time and to more easily transport it over long distances.