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Quality Management System
As a professional paper product manufacturer, we have standardized our quality control process by checking manually, documenting, and setting up consistent work expectations, using ISO9001 as a reference point. Our quality management system is present throughout the entire production process.

Management Objectives
Tranlin follows the PDCA mode (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and creates an annual quality control work plan with clear objectives. Each department and workshop understands its responsibilities and how to implement the plan effectively. We will check how each team handles the objectives and revise or improve our working policies according to practical situations.

Raw Material Control
We inspect daily the straw and chemicals we use as raw materials in our workshops and discard defective material to avoid unnecessary loss. We have standardized all of our inspection procedures from sampling to getting feedback in order to guarantee the consistency of our paper products and fertilizer.

Continuous Improvement
We believe it is important to continually improve the quality of our paper products, our services, and our methods. We frequently conduct management reviews and take measures based on the results and expect our distrubotrs to follow suit.

In-Process Quality Control
In order to lower the product defect rate, our company has instituted a Quality Supervision and Control Procedure so that we are looking for problems with quality early on, communicating with the right teams for handling the problem, and finding solutions in a timely manner. Good supervision means a better production flow.

During the production process, we carry out three-level quality inspections: individual inspection, supervisor inspection and spot inspection conducted by quality inspectors. Employees in the next production procedure will act as the quality control supervisor for the previous one. When any defect is found, workers from the previous procedure will be told so they can resolve the issue and continue making quality tissue paper, printing paper and other paper products.