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Contact Person: Wanming Liu

Tranlin Group, formerly known as Gaotang County Paper Making Factory, was founded in July 1976 and began production in May 1978.

Our company successfully develops special offset printing paper, making it possible to print on paper as soon as it came off the production line.

March: We built our first production line for premium coated paper.

April: We built the first soft aseptic liquid packaging production line in China.

December: Our company changed its name to Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd.

Several subsidiary companies are established, including Xiajin Tranlin, Jiayou Fertilizer, Tranlin Thermal Power, and Teanhe Pak.

The aseptic liquid packaging machine with independent intellectual property rights has been successfully developted. We become the first company in China possessing independent innovative brands of both aseptic liquid packaging materials and packaging machines.

We develop what has now become our main products: fulvic acid fertilizer, unbleached straw pulp, unbleached natural offset printing paper, paper food containers, unbleached electrostatic copier paper, and natural tissue paper.

December 2008-Januarary 2009: The China National Light Industry Council declares that our technology for making organic fertilizer through straw pulping liquor lignin refining, clean straw pulping, and eco-friendly unbleached pulp products are internationally leading.

Tranlin Dehui began the project to comprehensively use all aspects of straw.

Our straw comprehensive utilization project, projected to process 1,500,000 tons of straw per year, is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. This at present is the largest project that makes paper using straw pulp in the world.

September: We began to construct a project to better use all of straw in Tranlin Jiamusi.

Tranlin's sales revenue reaches 118 hundred million CNY.

Sales revenue (Unit: a hundred million CNY )