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Tranlin has always placed great importance to protecting the environment through our products and the processes by which we make them. We innovatively use every aspect of the straw for pulping and find new solutions for traditional problems in the papermaking industry, such as high energy consumption and heavy pollution. We are certified through ISO14000, OHSAS1800A and FSC China-of-Custody (CoC).

1. Forest Conservation

By comprehensively using one ton of straw in pulping, we help reduce 0.7 tons of CO2 emission and save 4m2 of wood that would have replaced the straw, resulting in saving 0.7mu (about 466m2) of natural forests and 2mu (about 1333m2) of manmade forests. One project we're developing is calculated to process 1,500,000 tons of straw stalks per year, reducing the need for 2,400,000m2 of wood, saving 85,000 hectares of forest and eliminating 350,000 tons of carbon from being emitted. The carbon dioxide emission caused by straw pulping is only 4/10000 that of straw decaying or burning.

2. Material Utilization

In our company, the black liquor produced in papermaking is added to fulvic acid fertilizer. Crop leaves, cereal plant ears, and wheat bran that are not suitable for pulping are fermented to make a special formula for making effective fertilizer. Even the sour gas produced in our thermal power plant is recycled and turned into chemical pulping materials.

3. Water Resource Conservation

The application of clean pulping technology makes for pure raw materials and few pollutants being discharged. Dispensing with the bleaching process, we completely eliminate AOX (dioxin) emissions. We have built up a pulping wastewater treatment system covering an area of 700mu and are expanding this artificial wetland to 1000mu (about 666,666m2), so we can cylically use our own wastewater and control carbon dioxide emissions to make sure they're less than 30mg/L.

  • Biological indicator pool
  • Oxidation pond
  • Artificial wetland