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At the core of Tranlin's culture is innovation, a green lifestyle, and safety.

I. Innovative Technology: To Satisfy Customers' Needs

As people grow more health-conscious, we offer unbleached and safe paper products such as tissues and tableware that won't harm people over time. With innovative technology, we are committed to satisfying customers' needs for soft and toxic-free paper products. Read More

II. Eco-Friendly Paper Making: To Benefit Society

Circular Economy Industrial Chains
1. Using wheat and corn straw to produce unbleached pulp and paper products as well as fulvic acid fertilizer.
2. Employing ammonia desulfurization technology to make waste gas suitable for chemical pulping materials.
3. Treating pulping wastewater to make it reusable for agricultural irrigation or production. Read More

III. Employee Care: To Help Employees Grow with Tranlin

1. Caring for employees' health by adopting fully automatic production lines
2. Emphasizing employee professional development and training
3. Creating a positive and communicative environment by holding various group activities for employees
4. Emphasizing employee satisfaction by carrying out employee satisfaction surveys regularly. Read More