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Established in 1976, Tranlin is an unbleached natural paper product manufacturer in China with over 10 subsidiary companies. We specialize in making unbleached tissue paper, printing paper, office paper, food wrapping paper, paper tableware and fulvic acid fertilizer using straw as our raw material instead of wood. We also offer customized printing on our products with your specific patterns, logo, or text.

Using straw instead of wood is not only a great way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and preserve forests, but it also uses the natural resource of straw, which we have in abundance, more affordably. Tranlin's technical center focuses on the best ways to make paper pulp from straw, protect the environment, and make toxic-free and quality products. We also establish long-term partnerships with research institutions and universities both at home and abroad to develop clean straw pulping technology and a model of recycling all materials within the paper making industry. Over the years, our company has received 167 national patents, and in 2012, our new technologies for clean straw pulping and using pulping waste liquid to make fertilizer won second place at the State Technological Invention Awards.

Tranlin has built up a circular economy development model composed of three main production chains. In the first tier, we produce unbleached pulp, unbleached pulp products and humic fertilizer with straw. In the second, we make chemical pulping materials by using the byproducts generated in the ammonia desulfurization of waste gases. Lastly, we treat pulping wastewater to make it reusable for agricultural irrigation.

Making full use of straw has good environmental, economical and social benefits. With our unique and competitive production chains, we have the capacity to produce 400,000 tons of pulp, 700,000 tons of machine-made paper, 400,000 tons of humic fertilizer, and 2.4 billion pieces of paper tableware per year. By the time our new straw comprehensive utilization project is completed in 2015, our production volume will increase to 600,000 tons of straw pulp, 500,000 tons of printing paper, 100,000 tons of unbleached tissue paper and 500,000 tons of humic fertilizer. Because they are toxic-free and eco-friendly, our unbleached paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer are popular both in China and in Japan, South Korea, Europe and North and South America.

At present, we employ over 10,000 people and have been certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS1800A and FSC. Since 2003, we have been among the top ten Chinese businesses for papermaking and continue to grow as we find better ways of recycling straw and other materials into new products.