No.15, Guangming East Road, Gaotang County, Shandong Province, China

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Contact Person: Wanming Liu

  • Company Profile

  • Established in 1976, Tranlin is an unbleached natural paper product manufacturer in China with over 10 subsidiary companies. We specialize in making unbleached tissue paper, printing paper, office paper, food wrapping paper, paper tableware and fulvic acid fertilizer using straw as our raw material instead of wood. We also offer customized printing on our products with your specific patterns, logo, or text.

    Using straw instead of wood is not only a great way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and preserve forests, but it also uses the natural resource of straw, which we have in abundance, more affordably. Tranlin's technical center focuses on the best ways to make paper pulp from straw, protect the environment, and make toxic-free and quality products. We also establish long-term partnerships with research institutions and universities both at home and abroad to develop clean straw pulping technology and a model of recycling all materials within the paper making industry. Over the years, our company has received 167 national patents, and in 2012, our new technologies for clean straw pulping and using pulping waste liquid to make fertilizer won second place at the State Technological Invention Awards.

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  • Development History

  • Tranlin Group, formerly known as Gaotang County Paper Making Factory, was founded in July 1976 and began production in May 1978.

    Our company successfully develops special offset printing paper, making it possible to print on paper as soon as it came off the production line.

    March: We built our first production line for premium coated paper.

    April: We built the first soft aseptic liquid packaging production line in China.

    December: Our company changed its name to Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd.

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  • Tranlin Group Members

  • Heilongjiang Tranlin Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.
    Founded in 2012 with registered capital of 143 million CNY, Heilongjiang Tranlin Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is one of our projects under construction. Equipped with 400,000kW generator sets, this company is projected to have the capacity to produce 1,200,000 tons of pulp, 1,500,000 tons of paper and 1,800,000 tons of organic fertilizer.

    Shandong Tranlin Jiayou Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
    As the largest biological fulvic acid production base in China, Shandong Tranlin Jiayou Fertilizer Co., Ltd. provides water soluble fulvic acid fertilizer, trace element fulvic acid fertilizer, and organic fertilizer. With strong technical support, Jiayou has successively received 37 national invention patents.

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  • Enterprise Culture

  • At the core of Tranlin's culture is innovation, a green lifestyle, and safety.

    I. Innovative Technology: To Satisfy Customers' Needs

    As people grow more health-conscious, we offer unbleached and safe paper products such as tissues and tableware that won't harm people over time. With innovative technology, we are committed to satisfying customers' needs for soft and toxic-free paper products. Read More

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  • FAQ

  • 1. What paper products does Tranlin make? from bathroom tissues, facial tissues, and kitchen towels, will you offer any other products in the future?
    Tranlin makes a number of household paper products, including toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels for the kitchen and disposable tableware such as cups, bowls, and plates for food packaging and picnics. Our line of office and school supplies includes notebooks and are leftover pulp goes into making organic fulvic acid fertilizer.

    2. Why choose Tranlin's natural unbleached wheat straw paper products?
    (1) To Save Forests and Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
    It takes 177 cubic feet of wood (or 33 ten-year-old trees) to make 1 ton of wood fiber paper. By making 7,000 tons of wheat straw paper annually, Tranlin saves 6,178 acres of forest. As 1 acre of forest absorbs 0.4 tons of CO2 each day, then Tranlin allows 0.9 million tons of CO2 to continue to be absorb per year by using wheat straw instead of wood.

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