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    1. Fulvic Acid Fertilizer (Water Soluble Fertilizer)

      Fulvic acid fertilizer is a water soluble fertilizer that helps plant roots to grow, improves the immunity of crops, prevents diseases and pests, and helps keep plants healthy in cold or drought weather. By using this soluble fulvic acid fertilizer, you can increase the harvest and quality of your crops.

    1. Fulvic Acid Fertilizer (Trace Element Fertilizer)

      Fulvic acid fertilizer provides essential nutrients for plants, helping facilitate photosynthesis and healthy growth. Using our trace element fertilizer on your crops will make them stronger to resist diseases and pests.

    1. Fulvic Acid Fertilizer (Flower Fertilizer)

      Fulvic acid fertilizer facilitates the growth of roots, young leaves and buds. It can also prevent plant leaves from yellowing or withering. This flower fulvic acid fertilizer can be applied along the wall of the flower pot. After fertilizing, keep flowers watered.

    1. Compound Fertilizer

      Compound fertilizer contains no less than 54% N-P2O5-K2O. As it is fully water soluble, the macronutrient fertilizer is mainly used as an additional fertilizer for fruit trees, leafy vegetables and tuber crops. This compound fertilizer can be applied via flushing and tube or drip irrigation.

    1. Bio-Organic Fertilizer

      Bio-organic fertilizer is often used as a base fertilizer for fruit trees, melons, leafy vegetables and tuber crops. Using more than 40% organic substances, this bio-organic fertilizer naturally improves soil quality, crop immunity and harvest quality.

Tranlin fertilizers come in different content levels of water-soluable fulvic acid. Our fulvic acid fertilizer is made from removing the fiber from natural straw stalks so they decompose naturally while retaining essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon, and iron. The fertilizer facilitates plant growth, improves plant immunity, increases harvest and improves the quality of taste of agricultural crops, thus contributing to sustainable agricultural development.

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