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Food Wrapping Paper

Food wrapping paper is specially designed for serving as the base paper for various food packaging containers. We use natural wheat straw to make our paper and have self-developed a pulping technology that keeps the straw fibers strong and durable. Because we don't bleach our paper, it is food grade and not harmful for people.

1. Base Paper for Cups
Base paper weight: 100g-160g, 210g-320g
Base paper for carbonated drinks: One side of the PE coated paper has patterns printed on the surface. 
Base paper for cold drinks: The base paper for cold drinks is coated with a layer of PE film on both sides so it is waterproof.
Base paper for hot drinks (coffee or tea cups): Usually one side is coated. For better heat insulation, the outer surface is covered in gray cardboard.

2. Wrapping Paper for Bowls
The base paper can be used to make bowls for instant noodles, hot cereal, etc. With a smooth and stiff surface, we coat this paper PE film. We can custom design this paper so it can be used on low, medium, or high speed paper bowl making machines.

3. Wrapping Base Paper for Food Containers
Base paper used for making food container typically weighs 290g/m2 and is thicker than the base paper for bowls, though the printing quality is not as high.

4. One-Side Coated Solid Bleached Board (SBS)
This sort of food wrapping paper is used to make paper plates, disposable food containers for meat and seafood or chips, crackers, and other snacks.

5. Base Paper for Aseptic Liquid Packaging
Our liquid packaging base paper is a multi-ply paper made from high-grade chemical bleached softwood pulp. All the plies bind well with each other and a coating of PE film. This drink packaging base paper can be folded without deforming or leaking. Because of its sturdiness, this food wrapping paper is ideal for die cutting to be shaped into boxes that won't discolor over time.

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