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Printing Paper

    1. Offset Printing Paper (Unbleached Paper)

      Offset unbleached printing paper is the natural straw fiber color. Because this unbleached paper is dense and opaque and evenly absorbs ink, there is less chance of ink peeling off or the paper tearing during multi-color printing ...

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    1. Offset Printing Paper (Premium Quality Paper)

      Offset printing paper is particularly stiff and strong, so it won't tear easily. Because it easily absorbs ink, printing on this paper is clear and precise. This smooth unbleached printing paper easily moves through the printing plates.

    1. Printing Paper (Coated Paper)

      Coated printing paper allows printed work to appear the original color of the manuscript or pattern. The high surface strength of this coated printing paper guarantees the accuracy of process printing and increases printing efficiency.

The unbleached paper uses no bleaching or whitening agents so it is eco-friendly and easy on the eyes. Its stiff surface and ink absorbency makes it ideal for printing, copying and writing and it won't discolor over time. Certified as an environmentally friendly product in China, our naturally colored paper has even been used for years as the test paper for college entrance examinations in Shandong Province.