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Offset Printing Paper (Unbleached Paper)

Offset unbleached printing paper is the natural straw fiber color. Because this unbleached paper is dense and opaque and evenly absorbs ink, there is less chance of ink peeling off or the paper tearing during multi-color printing, giving the finished prints good color quality.

Comparison between Unbleached Offset Paper and Bleached Offset Paper
1. Unbleached offset printing paper is more opaque, dense, harder to tear and easier to fold than bleached offset paper. It also has better and more even absorption of ink.

2. After drying for 72 hours under 105℃, the whiteness of unbleached offset paper decreases by 0.7%, while that of bleached paper decreases by 6.5%.

Our offset printing paper is used to print books, textbooks, magazines, journals, promotional materials, etc.

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