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Tissue Paper

    1. Paper Napkin

      Paper serviettes are made from natural straw stalk fibers and are free from bleaching agents. The double-ply napkin is soft but durable. With more capacity to absorb liquids, these napkins work great for restaurants, catering and parties.

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    1. Paper Towel

      Paper towels are made from natural fibers. The paper towels have a high capacity for absorbing liquids and spills. Available in various sizes, our paper hand towels can be customized to meet the needs of different customers.

    1. Toilet Paper

      Made from natural raw materials, our toilet paper roll is very soft and won't irritate your skin. Thanks to its high water solubility, this toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet without clogging pipes and is great for use in homes, office buildings, and hotels.

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    1. Facial Tissue Paper

      Facial tissue paper comes in the natural color of plant fibers, this soft facial tissue is bleach-free and won't irritate your skin. Our paper handkerchiefs can be packaged in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

    1. Jumbo Paper Roll

      Jumbo paper rolls are soft and thick, and free of bleach or colored dyes. This type of tissue paper can be packaged with 1,800 sheets per bag, making it a cost-effective choice for heavily populated public places.

    1. Paper Handkerchief

      Paper handkerchiefs come in small and pocket-sized packages for easy carrying. Made from natural straw pulp, this facial tissue is liquid absorbent and won't easily tear or leave paper residue on your skin after use.

We make tissue paper from natural straw fibers without any bleaching agents or dioxins added, making it environmentally friendly. All of our paper products conform to food grade requirements for China, the U.S. and the EU. We can also provide customized tissue paper with printed patterns or logos according to customer needs.