Non-Wood Pulping Technology Rice Straw for Making Paper and Organic Fertilizer

Tranlin is a unique Chinese manufacturer and supplier of unbleached paper products that use pulp made from straw instead of wood. We offer a wide selection of unbleached tissue, printing and office paper, food wrapping paper, paper tableware and fulvic acid fertilizer that are toxic-free and eco-friendly. Our company also provides custom printing on the paper products with your patterns, logo, or text. By using straw instead of wood, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and preserve forests. Tranlin finds ways to recycle and reuse chemical and wastewater byproducts within our production processes, so when you buy Tranlin's unbleached paper products, you are supporting a greener, sustainable business.

    1. Paper Napkin

      Paper serviettes are made from natural straw stalk fibers and are free from bleaching agents. The double-ply napkin is soft but durable. With more capacity to absorb liquids, these napkins work great for restaurants, catering and parties.

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    1. Toilet Paper

      Made from natural raw materials, our toilet paper roll is very soft and won't irritate your skin. Thanks to its high water solubility, this toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet without clogging pipes and is great for use in homes, office buildings, and hotels.

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    1. Offset Printing Paper (Unbleached Paper)

      Offset unbleached printing paper is the natural straw fiber color. Because this unbleached paper is dense and opaque and evenly absorbs ink, there is less chance of ink peeling off or the paper tearing during multi-color printing ...

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    1. Paper Notebooks

      Using our own writing paper, we bind notebooks and exercise books for school supplies of students and office supplies for businesses. The inside pages of the exercise books and the notebooks are made from unbleached writing paper with a cover made from craft paper, ivory board, PU or leather, depending on the customer's preference.

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    1. Disposable Paper Tableware (Paper Plate, Paper Cup, Paper Food Container)

      We use water-based ink which is non-toxic and eco-friendly for printing our paper tableware and coat our paper plates, cups and containers in LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), a semitransparent, which is also non-toxic and degradable. After use, the disposable paper ...

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    1. Fertilizer

      Our fulvic acid fertilizer is made from removing the fiber from natural straw stalks so they decompose naturally while retaining essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon, and iron. The fertilizer facilitates plant growth, improves plant immunity, increases harvest and improves the quality of taste of agricultural crops ...

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